Monday, October 11, 2010

Every One need Energy!

Today everyone world wide needs Energy. Energy is playing a vital role in every one's life. If there is a short fall in the Energy the Economic growth would get affected. Every one world wide is trying to produce low cost energy so that they can have some growth in the economic values.But a few countries lack in the technology and their economic growth is decreasing day by day due to the very reason. Pakistan is one of them

Pakistan is still using the old technique, its not trying to get the latest technology, the Economic values has decreased due to this, and the industries lack growth as well due to the very same problem. This is affecting the upcoming industries, which can not be completed or started on time because of the Energy Crises.There need to be more power so that the Economic values can be increased. If the Economic Values are increases then there would be a chance of getting more international firms to invest in Pakistan.

I would request Every Pakistani to join in this effort and restore Pakistan's pride and dignity in Front of World.